Course fee and Structure

Course fee: Nu.6000/-for 1 month, and 36000/- for 6 months. Registration fee is Nu.100/-. Fee will be collected during theregistration and the registration isfrom April 21st to May21st 2016. The institute will provide discount of Nu.500/- for those candidates who registers for the first month.


TheChinese marketsarewidelycoveredallover the world and Chinese language and product plays a vital role in it. Hence, not only about dealing of the products of China but also there are more Chinese who are interest in learning Tibetan Buddhism too.

Course Levels

Course Levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advance. Basic Level 1: The basic level course consists of total training duration of 165.6 hours, 12 weeks x 2:30 hours per day on weekdays (including Saturday). Master more than 307basic vocabularies, 443 words,and 42sentence structures.