Cultural Tourist Guide Course (From Jan. 2018)

Culture Tourist Guiding Course

The Cultural Tourist Guiding Course starts from 23rd January 2018. The Institute also gives free Semi-Basic Chinese Mandarin Language Course/ Buddhism/Iconography course  for the period of one month as a complimentary for undergoing trainees only. The given Chinese Course will be teaching both in writing and speaking and a certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of course.

Separate Chinese Mandarin Course other than Guide Trainees

If you take a Chinese Course only, than you must pay fees accordingly. The Chinese Course will be for the period of six months (The 6 months Chinese Course includes both Basic and Intermediate level). After completion of the 6 months course you will be given a choice to take 1 free course either English or Dzongkha Grammar  course as a compliment.

BENEFITS FOR THE TRAINEES (More than Nu. 12,000)

The Trainee will get the benefit of more than Nu. 12,000. We are giving free Chinese course to the Trainees for period of two months by highly qualified and well experienced teacher who has spent 15 years of his live in Taiwan. If you take Chinese course separately than you have to pay monthly fee of Nu.  6,000. Hence, you are getting a benefit of two months Chinese Course fee if you take Guide course. So, hurry up for the limited seats.

The institute also gives him/her a free Guide Course if he/she gets a four number of candidates excluding oneself.

ཨྱོན་རྒྱལ་སྤྱིའི་སྐད་ཡིག་དང་རིག་གཞུང་སྦྱོར་བརྡར་སློབ་གྲྭ་ནས་བལྟ་བཤལ་ལམ་སྟོན་པ་དང་རྒྱ་མིའི་སྐད་ཡིག་གི་སློབ་སྟོན་བྱིན་ནི་ཨིན།  ཁྱེད་ཀྱིས་བལྟ་བཤལ་ལམ་སྟོན་པའི་སློབ་སྦྱོང་འབད་བ་ཅིན་རྒྱ་མིའི་སྐད་ཡིག་གི་སློབ་སྦྱོང་ཟླ་བ་གཉིས་ཀྱི་རིང་ལུ་རིན་མེད་སྟོངས་པར་ལྷབ་ནི་གྱི་གོ་སྐབས་འཐོབ། གཞན་ཡང་རྒྱ་མིའི་སྐད་ཡིག་རྐྱངམ་གཅིག་སྦེ་ཡང་ང་བཅས་སློབ་གྲྭ་ཁ་ཐུག་ལས་སྟོན་འདི་ར་ཡོད།  འ་ནི་རྒྱ་མིའི་སྐད་ཡིག་རྐྱངམ་གཅིག་སྟོན་འདི་ཡོད་མི་ལུ་ཟླ་བ་དྲུག་གི་རིང་ལུ་ལྷབ་ནི་ལུ་བཅའ་མ་གཏོགས་པ་ཅིན་  རྫོང་ཁ་དང་ ཨིང་ལིཤ་ ་ག་འབད་རུང་གཅིག་གདམ་ཁ་རྐྱབ་འདི་རིན་མེད་སྟོང་པ་སྦེ་ལྷབ་ཆོག།།  

གནས་ཚུལ་རྒྱས་པ་ཧ་གོ་དགོ་པ་ཅིན་ འོག་གི་ཁ་བྱང་ཚུ་ལུ་འབྲེལ་བ་འབད་ནི་དང་ ཡོངས་འབྲེལ་ལུ་གཟིགས་གནང་།།

For registration interested candidate may contact us at /17684689/77300743/17376606

Entry Requirement for Guide

  1. Class XII pass and above
  2. Copy of valid CID/other documents as a proof of being Bhutanese citizen
  3. Copy of valid Security Clearance certificate
  4. Copy of NOC for in-service candidates
  5. Copy of school certificates/transcripts
  6. Copy of Medical fitness certificate applicable for Guide
  7. Minimum of 18 years old

Note: Original Documents to be produced at the time of interview


                             About Course and Class Location

Course Details

The Cultural Tourist Guiding course starts from December 2017. The Course shall conduct for 53 days.

Class Location

Thimphu Plaza, Building, 4th, Floor, Changlam Road. Its the nearest institute in Thimphu city from Taxi and City Bus station, needs 3 minutes walkaway to reach institute from the station.

                                         About Guide Trainer (Teacher)

Our Institute have highly qualified and most experienced trainer in the field of Cultural Tourist Guiding.  Some Trainer has received a experienced certificate in this field and some received a quality assured certificate. Therefore, with all this quality and experienced Trainer we ensure you a quality service for the development of your future carrier.

The following are the List of Trainers: 

Suresh Gurung    P.O. Box 432 Thimphu; Bhutan


  • Excellent foundation in hospitality management concepts, marketing and ethics
  • Practical application of knowledge in various international 5-star chains
  • Ability to adapt and develop tourism knowledge and skill sets for Bhutan
  • Effective presentation skills, with years of leadership in group presentations
  • In-built passion for teaching, with a good base in communications and relationship building
  • Strong problem-solving skills and solution-driven focus
  • Outstanding organisational skills with the ability to multi-task and work independently
  • Knowledge and familiarity with business software and social media
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Work –  Experience & Achievements

Trainer, Hotel Timphu Towers (March 2015)

Conducted and trained inhouse trainees for 2 weeks on Front Ofice, F&B and Services and Housekeeping 

IPS (2014 – 2015)

Lectured to train new guides for Bhutan at IPS (Institute for Professional Studies), Thimphu. Also developed manual for new course for Bhutan Trekking Guide

BISHT Taba (2012 – 2015)

Lectured to train new cultural tour guides for Bhutan at BISHT (Bhutan International School of Hospitality and Tourism), Taba, Thimphu

ITB, Travel Trade Fair, Berlin, Germany (March 2008, 2009 & 2010)

Represented KeystoBhutan Travel Company. Key marketing liaison for international travel agents. Built European business contacts and successfully established new business in-roads into the Western European market as the main client servicing contact for new key accounts.

FITUR, Travel Trade Fair, Madrid, Spain (February 2009)

Represented KeystoBhutan Travel Company. Key marketing liaison for international travel agents. Built European business contacts and successfully established new business in-roads into the Southern European market as the main client servicing contact for new key accounts.

Director, Marketing & Sales, KeystoBhutan Travel (June 2003 – Oct 2010)

Key client service liaison for major accounts and repeat clients. Grew the business base of KeystoBhutan in Europe by 70%. Organised multiple familiarisation trips and made presentations to international agents to understand the Bhutan travel industry. Developed KeystoBhutan marketing collaterals, and conducted market feasibility studies for new countries.

Front Desk and Marketing, Hotel Muele, Kaprun, Austria (2007)

Worked in the Front Desk of a popular ski resort in the Alps. Organised reception and managed hotel reservations for clients. Utilised German language skills to communicate with resort guests provide concierge services and marketed the property.

Educational  Internship, Santa Brigida Hotel, Las Palmas, Spain (2006)

Worked in four departments – Front Office, Food & Beverage, Purchasing, and Technical Services. Developed professional customer-relation and problem-solving skills in the Front Office and Food & Beverage departments. Learned fine dining restaurant and customer service management. Acquired practical hotel management skills through attachments in the Purchasing and Technical Services departments.

Senior Tour Executive, Tashi Tours & Travel (1997 – 2003)

Guided trips in Bhutan for travel agents and tourists. Managed all aspects of trip organisation, from hotel room reservations to transport bookings, client servicing and trip consultancy.

Freelance Tour Guide (1993 – 1996)

Guided tours on freelance basis with Bhutanese Tour operators for the fall season. Got an opportunity to travel through out Bhutan and got a deeper understanding of my peoples’ places and culture.

Education Background

The European Training Center for Hospitality and Tourism, Modul Institute, Vienna, Austria (2005 – 2007)

Graduated from prestigious Modul School of International Hospitality and Tourism with distinction.

Team representative for speech, communication and writing for all major class presentations.

Conducted and lectured junior classes in the final year.

Guiding Techniques & Environmental Ethics, Salzburg, Austria (July 2004)

Participated in a course on tour guiding technicalities and ethics covering both cultural and environmental.

HMI, Darjeeling, India (Nov. 1997)

Took a basic outdoor leadership course for a month at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute pioneered by first man on Mt. Everest, Tenzin Norgay,

St. Xavier’s School, Pakyong, Sikkim (1991 – 1993)

Achieved Indian School Certificate (Year 12) in Science. With English as major.

Personal History


Written and spoken English – fluent ♦ Spoken Dzongkha – fluent ♦ Spoken Nepali – fluent ♦ Written and spoken German – good ♦ Written and spoken Spanish – intermediate


Reading, photography, travelling, history and culture, adventure and sports.


Mrs. Prof. Mag. Gabriele Brantl

Head of International Course,

Hotel Management

Modul, Vienna

Peter-Jorden-strasse 78

1190 Vienna


T: 0043-1-476 70-201

Mr. TshenchokThinley

Managing Director

Tashi Tours & Travel

P.O. Box: 423



T: 00975-2- 323027

Mr. Karim F. Jalloul

Lecturer / Managing Director

W.H.B.G & Grand Hotel

Kaetnar Ring 9

1010 Vienna


T: 0043-1-51580

Mr. Miguel M. Saavedra

General  Manager

Hotel Santa Brigida

C/ Real de Coello

235310 Santa Brigida

Las Palmas, Canary Islands


T: 0034-828-010400

  1.   Khenpo Ugyen La (Buddhism)PERSONAL DETAILSDate of Birth:  09/05/1965Citizenship ID:12008000216Gender:              Male         Mobile Phone:  77447234Email:            Education Details           1989-2002         Phd in Tibetan Buddhism at Nyingma Institute, Taktse, Sikkim, India for 13 years                           See attached copy of original document2001-2006         Certicicate in Chinese – Tibetan Buddhism Culturaal Exchange program 2001-2003See attached copy of original document with full results2004-2006         certificate in Chinese Buddhism at Institute of Buddhist University Taipei, Taiwan                            for 6 years.See attached copy of original document with full results.  WORK EXPERIENCE          
    1. Teacher for Rituals program in Zhemgang Dratsang Since 1980 ~1985, followings are the subjects taught:
    2. Cymbal()
    3. Drum()
    4. Tune of Rituals()
    5. Horn()
    6. Dharma Dance()
    7. Driglam Namzhag()
    8. Teacher in Darthang Nyingma Institute Taktse, Sikkim (India), Since 1996~199, following are the subjects taught:
    9. Jipai Dagyig ()
    10. Legshed Joenwang()
    11. Nagdroen()
    12. Khyadparphagsbstod()
    13. Teacher in Nyingma Institute Taktse, Sikkim (India), Since 1996 ~199, following are the subjects taught:
    14. Bodhisatocaryavatara ()
    15. Three Sets of Precepts ()
    16. Madhyamakavatara()
    17. Abhidharmakosha()
    18. Teacher in Jalsa Monestery in Solokhumbu Nepal, in 2000, following are the subjects I taught:
    19. Jipai Dagyig ()
    20. Legshed Joenwang ()
    21. Nagdroen ()
    22. Khyadparphagsbstod ()
    23. Teacher in foundation Taipei (Taiwan) matter Monga Longshan Temple Banchaw Cultural Square, from 2013~2014, following are the subjects I taught:
    24. Gateway to Knowledge ()
    25. Thirty-seven practice of a Bodhisattva ()
    26. Tibetan writing and reading ()
    27. Teacher in Taipei (Taiwan) Mercy Awalokit Buddhist Society, from 2008~2009, following are the subjects I taught:
    28. Best Guru Precept ()


    Computer skills

    • Competent at using Microsoft Work, Excel, Power point
    • Familiar with page maker

    Language skills

    • Chinese – Read, write, speak very well
    • English – Read, write and speak (basic)
    • Dzongkha – Read, write and speak very well
    • Sharchop – Speak very well
    • Khengkha – Speak very well



    • Reading books
    • Teaching and Training
    • Cultural exchange
    • Visiting places

    Special achievements

    • 1stposition in academic studies in 2005


    Mr. Khenpo Rigzen Dorji                                                  Mr. Lam Karma

    India, Gangtok                                                                     Zhemgang Dratsang 

  2. Karma Galay.Citizen ID # 10801001340.Date of Birth: 25/05/1972. Gewog: Mewang,  District: ThimphuEDUCATION:BA(pass) Arts. Year of Study: 1993-1996:Subjects taken: English, Economics, Political Science & History.College: Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi, New Delhi, IndiaHigher secondary school Arts: 1991 – 1993Subjects taken: English, Economics, Political Science, History & GeographySchool: St. Xavier’s School, Pakyong, Sikkim, IndiaHigh School: 1980 -1991School: Punakha High School.EXPERIENCE: 2005 –Present: Managing Partner, Khamsa Tours & Treks.Market tours and correspond with agents abroad. Negotiate tariffs, services to be delivered and make arrangement accordingly. Book hotels arrange transport and tour guides.1999-2005: General Manager, Sakten Tours & Treks 2001 -2005.As General Manager, I corresponded with agents abroad, negotiate rates and services. Instructed and Supervised Manager Tours and Accounts.Manager Operations, Sakten Tours & Treks 1999 – hotels, arrange transport and guides. Negotiate their rates and supervised purchase Guest Druk Air tickets by Ticketing Officer.1997-1998: Worked as part time Radio Host in Bhutan Broadcasting Service.1994-1999: Worked as freelance tour guides for Etho Metho Tours and Yangphel Tours.REFERENCES:  For reference for my above tourism industry experience, you may kindly contact the following persons:
    1. Thuji Naidak, Director General (Specialist) TCB : (02) 322 950, 323 251
    2. Tashi Tenzin, Head, Services Division TCB: (02) 323 251, 323 252
    3. Tshewang Rinzin, MD, Sakten Tours & Treks: (02) 325 567.
    4. Karma Lotey, MD, Yangphel Tours & Trek: (02) 323 293
    5. Tandin Sangay, Director, Etho Metho Tours: (02) 323 162
    6. Sonam Dorji, Executive Director, ABTO: (02) 322 862
  3. Tshewang Thinley.   (Driglam Namzha)EDUCATION:2013-2014         PGDE in Paro College of Education/NIE along with Driglam Namsha course, Paro, Bhutan. 1996-2005         Mastered in Tibetan Buddhism at Nyingma Institute, Taktse, Sikkim, India for 10 years1987 – 1995      Studied Kuenzob in Zhemgang Dratsang.                  EXPERIENCE:2003 – 2005     Teacher in Darthang Nyingma Institute Taktse, Sikkim (India), following are the subjects taught:
    1. Jipai Dagyig
    2. Legshed Joenwang
    3. Chenju
    4. Khyadparphagsbstod

    2009 – 2012          Teacher in Dungkhar Primary School and Wambur Primary School.

    2014 – Present      Currently serving as a Dzongkha cum Driglam Namsha teacher in Babesa Middle Secondary School.

    REFERENCES:  For reference of my education and work experiences you may contact the following persons:

    1. Sangay Khandu  principle of BMSS, 17618915

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