About Us (ང་བཅས་ཀྱི་སྐོར་ལས)

(1)   Ugyen International Language and Culture Training Institute

The Ugyen International Language and Culture Training Institute is a Registered Institute. It offers intensive Chinese programs that prepare students for using Chinese in the real world. Our programs are based on current research in the fields of language teaching, acquisition, learning and assessment. The Institute believes in quality service rather than quantity. It assures quality service by facilitating most advanced equipment’s and tools required for faculties and staffs.

We give Chinese instruction which helps in enhancing your capability in speaking Chinese Language, in an academic or professional context and about all the foreign culture and domestic culture.


(2)  Ugyen International Language and culture Training Institute’s Buddhism teacher

Khenpo Ugyen Tashi is currently serving as Chinese Language Course and Buddhism teacher. Teaching Bodhisattva caryavatara (Bodhisattva Deeds) which was founded by the Shanti Dewa. Dharma classes will start from 1st January 2017 every Sunday at 2:30 pm ~ 5:00pm.

Dharma class will be offered at free of cost.

Office and Class location:

Thimphu Plaza, Building 4th, F. Main Town, Changlam Road, Thimphu.

Near the Taxi and City Bus Station, it is very convenient even if you want to ride by a City Bus or Taxi it only takes 2 minutes of walk to reach our office.

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